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8 Zone Security Systems with 3 x Sensors(PIR's) 1 x external box with blue strobe, horn and tamper switch + Code pad + internal screamer + battery backup + plug pack.  Supplied and Installed $999.00 for a standard type installation  

Security systems are a proven deterrent to intruders. From residential to large scale commercial installations, A1 Telephones, Data and Security will determine the right system for you. Designed to meet your needs, a security system could range from a single alarm panel to a complex system, incorporating Access Control, Intercoms and Closed Circuit TV.

Every service offered by A1 Telephones, Data and Security can be integrated into one fully functioning security system. No matter what is required, we are able to provide you with services that you can rely on.

With A1 Telephones, Data and Security you will get a fully integrated system that can cover one or all of the following:


Knowing when an intruder has entered your premises can mean the difference between being a victim of theft and preventing it. Whatever type of business you have A1 Telephones, Data and Security has the experience to ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place, helping reduce your losses and ultimately increasing your productivity. We know that no two small businesses are the same so our  technicians are highly trained to confidently design, supply, install, commission, service, maintain and monitor an intruder burglar alarm system customised especially for your business.

Closed Circuit TV

CCTV camera surveillance is an important element of management and security control. New advancements in security camera and Digital Video Recording have made CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss-prevention solutions available. CCTV security systems are now reliable, efficient and simple to use. A1 Telephones Data and Security has an extensive range of security cameras selected from a small variety of top branded suppliers to suit all types of CCTV camera purposes, thus ensuring we always provide the very latest technology to our customers.

Installing at least one CCTV camera and Digital Video Recorder in your premises allows you to defend your business against shoplifting and dishonest employees. It enables you to detect and document intrusion as well as monitor merchandise and business processes. Although primarily known for their use in security, CCTV security cameras are often used as a management tool to enhance company performance and health & safety. By monitoring production processes and quality control, employers are able to identify staffing needs and maintain consistent customer service.

Access Control

For businesses where security is crucial, Access Control  allows only authorised individuals or vehicles to enter, exit and gain contact to resources. Access Control  is a powerful technology that can enhance the overall effectiveness of a security solution. The real benefit lies in the ability to integrate it with other systems – Access Control  is often combined with CCTV Cameras or intercom to identify the movement of people or vehicles.

24 Hour Monitoring

A1 Telephones, Data and Security can arrange 24 hour monitoring of your alarm system.  Our monitoring services meet and exceed Grade A1 standards. This is achieved through our dedication to faster alarm monitoring response times, superior customer service and enhanced computing capabilities. Furthermore, we exceed the Grade A1 standards by providing 5-years event retention available at a "keystrokes" notice. With all of these features of the alarm response centre, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year your  business is constantly being protected.

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