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Voice Over IP

VOIP (voice over internet protocol) 2 parts
(a) Voip Trunks used for making external calls to mobiles and landlines ( depending on service provider calls cost approx 10c untimed to any land line within Australia)  


(b) Voip Extensions are used for linking multiple sites, or remote workers.  They allow other users on the phone system to see, transfer, and receive calls, from other sites and staff no matter where they are located.

VOIP is the latest technology and a fantastic way to slash costs.  Any reputable phone system can integrate with cheap VoIP calls but not every system can actually offer VoIP phone system features.

If you’re only after cheap calls then it really won’t have any bearing on the system you buy (unless you want to use SIP trunking which is more technical).

Hybrex VOIP Systems

With the successive rollout of broadband internet access to business and residential customers now underway Voice over IP (VoIP) is emerging as a viable and economic alternative to standard Telco services for voice communications now and for the future. Business, from SOHO to corporate, with broadband access can leverage this investment in IP with considerable savings in inter-office and inter-business communications through the use of VoIP.

The Hybrex VIU VoIP card was developed for the Hybrex GDS, G2 and G1E systems to provide an integrated solution for access to the communications economy possible with VoIP. Each Hybrex VIU card installed provides system integration of a 3 channel SIP Protocol VoIP facility that is seen by the parent system as 3 trunks. These trunks can be selected directly, or automatically using LCR, or even externally via DISA. In short these VoIP channels have the full parent system functionality, as programmed, available to them. Calls via the VIU channels can be made to/from any standard telephone number worldwide via an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) at very low tarrifs, or direct to other VoIP equipped endpoints – like a branch office for example – for only the cost of the data.


•    VoIP gateway integrated into G2 or GDS chassis
•    G2-VIUS card installs in a trunk slot.
•    Three concurrent channels per VIU card installed.
•    FXS format – card appears to the PBX as 3 trunks.

Currently available in ivory colour, and models configured for either H.323, MGCP, or SIP protocols. The Hybrex HP300 IP phone is primarily designed as an IP-PBX feature telephone with LCD display for business applications, and provides straightforward user customization based on changing needs. The HP300 VoIP Phone is also good for ITSP , Multi-Branch offices or SOHO applications, combined with broadband access.