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Aristel EnGenius – Designed to go the distance

EnGenius Durafon from Aristel is the revolutionary cordless phone system that’s crystal clear over long distances and ideal where a number of handsets are required.

EnGenius Durafon uses two-way radio technology to cover the extra distance needed for farms, factories, motels, resorts, caravan parks, nuseries, hospitals; even homes and offices. The more open the space, the greater the distance covered. A range of over 5km is not unusual for Durafon in rural areas.

EnGenius Durafon provides mobility, flexibiliy and freedom. Add the many user-friendly convenience features and you have the ultimate in versatile, powerful cordless phone systems ideal for rural properties and businesses of every size.
EnGenius Durafon Cordless HandsetThe industrial strength cordless

The double coated rubber case ensures durability in any work environment. The case is shock resistant, splashproof and features an integrated handgrip, and low profile antenna.

Choose the model that meets your business needs.
EnGenius Durafon 1 X SN920 includes one line per base unit, up to a maximum of four base units and 36 handsets.
EnGenius Durafon 1 X SP922 offers four lines per base unit, and can support up to 90 handsets.

Aristel DECT Cordless

The Aristel DECT Cordless range offers the smaller office or home much more than a cordless two-line phone system that requires no installation. Euro adds a stunning array of features usually only found in high-price phone systems for the ideal combination of performance, value and ease of use.\

Aristel AN 105 – Single Line DECT Cordless Phone with wireless door station

    * PSTN and PABX 24/48 volt Compatible
    * Intercom call during external call
    * Range – Outdoors 300m, Indoor 50m
    * GAP compatible
    * Call transfer between handsets
    * Works in parallel with existing intercom systems
    * Phonebook memory 50 locations
    * 50 Caller ID Locations
    * Supplied with additional charger base and adapter for flexibility
    * Programmable flash time
    * Headset socket (2.5mm)
    * Pulse/DTMF dialing
    * 8 poly sound ring tone
    * 12 numeric keys and 8 function keys
    * 100hrs standby time and 8 hours talk time
    * Adjustable ringer volume & melody
    * 3AAA batteries
    * Visual ring indicator
    * Pocket Clip
    * PABX access up to 4 digits
    * Hands free loudspeaker function
    * Dialing pulse time (3/5 seconds)
    * Adjustable receiver volume
    * Call duration timer
    * Mute function
    * On hook dialing, with editing
    * Redial Memory – 3 locations, 20 digits
    * Phonebook Memory – 50 locations, 25 digits
    * Caller ID Memory – 50 locations, 25 digits

Aristel AN 208 – 2 Line DECT Phone System.

    * 24/48 volt PSTN and PABX Compatible
    * Supports up to 15 handsets
    * Internal or External Music/Message on Hold Functionality
    * Outdoor range up to 300m
    * Handsfree loudspeaker functions
    * Any key answer option
    * On-hook dialling
    * Call Timer
    * Call barring
    * Programmable flash time
    * Caller ID function
    * 3 way conference calls
    * Fax/Modem/Answering Machine Compatible
    * Alternate route selection
    * Visual ring indicator
    * Adjustable ringer and handset volume
    * Headset Socket
    * Pocket Clip